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We Provide Payment Processing Solutions to the Tobacco Industry. And They’re Freakin’ Amazing.

It’s not easy being a merchant of tobacco, hookah, vapes, and other associated smoking products. You know this already. Tobacco sales are federally regulated, so your business comes with all the rip-roaringly fun FDA oversight that the category implies.

As a tobacco merchant, you know that issuing banks put you in a category called “high-risk.” (And not the fun kind of “high.”) What does this mean for you?

Rules, rules, rules. (And not the fun kind of rules. Wait, is that a thing?)

You’ve probably dealt with all the red tape, jacked-up fees, and endless hoop-jumping that other payment processors like to throw at tobacco merchants. A lot of people think that high prices, slow response times and crazy restrictions are just par for the course in the so-called high-risk payment processing world.

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Smoking Hot Payments is the fast, reliable and reasonably priced solution to all your tobacco payment processing needs. Period.

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Heard enough? You’ve got a beautiful mind. Start a call with our helpful & knowledgeable (and incredibly attractive) payment processing experts about what we can do for your tobacco business.

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