About Us - Smoking Hot Payments, Payment processing solutions for cigar shops, vape shops, hookah lounges and other merchants.

Meet Steven Randolph

An alumnus of Upright Citizens Brigade, Vice Magazine, and Catholic school, Steven Randolph has extensive experience in the tobacco payment processing world. (That sentence didn’t end how you thought it would, did it?)

Steven combines a hard-core knowledge of the ins and outs of payment processing with a genuine passion for helping merchants streamline and grow their business. As a stand-up comic and improv veteran, he’s all about listening to you and adapting on the fly -- two skills perfect for the ever-changing world of tobacco sales.

Why Smoking Hot Payments?

Show us on the doll where your last payment processor hurt you.

You need a payment processor that’s ride-or-die.We know this is a tough business. The tobacco payment processing industry is heavily regulated, always shifting, and generally complicated.

Don’t get into bed with a bad payment processor. Unexpected scenarios happen all the time in the tobacco merchant-payment processor relationship. Would yours survive the following (entirely possible) situations?

Smoking Hot Processing is your trusted ally. We take the time to create unique, individualized solutions for every single merchant we work with. We stay ahead of the happenings in the industry, so you won’t have to worry about everything changing with your payment processing solution based on external factors.

Just like snowflakes or the hand-dipped candles at the Amish country gift shop -- no two tobacco merchants are alike. Maybe you make most of your sales by phone. Maybe you sell exclusively online. Maybe you carry tons of different products and ship them all over the world, or maybe you’ve just got that one thing that’s awesome, and all your customers live 5 miles away.

No matter the volume or type of your sales, we know exactly what payment processing solution you need. We’re obsessed with finding new ways to help you grow your tobacco business through innovative payment processing solutions.We know the landscape in and out.

Scared yet? Good news! We’re standing by to chat with you about how our payment processing solutions can help you take your tobacco business to the next level!