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Sell Shisha?

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Red Tape is for Christmas Presents. Not Your Hookah Business.

You know the deal. Hookah is a “high-risk industry.” And that means that the high fees, not-always-reliable service, and crazy restrictions are just part of the game. Right?


Demand better from your payment processor. At Smoking Hot Payments, we offer merchants:


Reasonable Fees

Lightning-Quick Payments

Genuine Experience


What does this mean for you? Well hopefully, a lot fewer headaches. So there’s your aspirin savings right there.

But besides that, we work as your partner . We keep up with the boring stuff like record-keeping, compliance, and all those other elements involved with the ever-changing legal and business landscape of selling hookah. As a result, you can focus on maximizing your sales and getting your money even faster.

STOP WASTING MONEY ON ASPIRIN. Just kidding …start a conversation about how Smoking Hot can make your payment processing faster, easier and just BETTER.

Waiting Around For Something Important to Happen is For “Walking Dead” Fans. Not Your Hookah Business.

Loooong processing times every time you try to make a sale. Crazy escrow requirements keeping you from your hard-earned money.

Sounds pretty painful, right?

Unless you’re a masochist, you probably don’t like playing the waiting game with your payment processing company.

And yet, because of all the restrictions and the “high-risk” designation of the hookah industry, lots of payment processors get away with insanely long hold periods, delayed payment releases, and just general dragging of the feet.

The only thing that should be draggin’ around here is RuPaul, OK?

With Smoking Hot Processors, we process payments fast. We keep you informed, we keep you protected, and we keep you on track.

Chat with Smoking Hot about how we can get the lead out of your hookah sales payment processing. Get paid and get on with it!

Switching Partners Constantly is For D-List Reality Stars. Not Your Hookah Business.

Quick! Your state passes new legislation changing the way that your hookah sales are taxed.

How does your payment processing partner respond?

Option A

By doing nothing when the news is first announced. Ghosting you like a damn millennial. (Oh yeah -- later, they drop your merchant account entirely, citing rising costs. Surprise!)

Option B

By jacking your payment processing rates up so fast and so high that they accidentally bang into Elon Musk’s summer home on Jupiter.

Option C

By dropping your merchant account like it’s a flaming potato. You try to call customer service to complain, but the company hits you with a “New legislation. Who dis?” text.

Option D

Your payment processor proactively informs you of new legislation before it’s put in place. Together, achieving full legal compliance and continued profits for your hookah business.

OK, the right option is pretty obvious. (It’s choice B. JK.)

Now that we’ve got that fun, SAT flashback out of the way -- let’s get into the real question. What will your payment processing partner do when hookah sales legislation changes practically overnight, for the worse?

The hookah industry is in constant flux. The hookah industry will continue to change.

How will your payment processor react when the landscape unexpectedly shifts? Does your processor have your back, or will they leave you swinging in the wind?

Don’t use a payment processor that will leave you exposed if (and when) things shift suddenly. Count on Smoking Hot Payments. We never stop working for your business.

If you’re unsure whether your payment processor would have your back, then that’s no bueno.


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